Talk on Interdisciplinary Courses at CCSU

A new education landscape has emerged over the last decade. In this new environment, interdisciplinary studies have gained traction and become popular among both students and administrators. Teaching institutions, both college and secondary, have enlarged their offerings in interdisciplinary courses.

In collaboration with Arabic teacher and colleague Mimi Melkonian, I had the chance to present a paper yesterday on the theory and practice of interdisciplinary projects involving languages, at the 10th annual Connecticut Conference for Language teachers (Central Connecticut State University).

We discussed in particular the challenges and rewards we experienced teaching and putting together the following projects:

  • Co-taught Senior elective seminar War, Literature, and Popular Culture (involving Classics, Modern Languages, and English literature)
  • Co-taught Senior elective seminar Understanding 9/11 (involving contemporary History, English literature, and Arabic)
  • Project-based learning, multilingual digital magazine Babel.

For those interested, we have posted up resources and our notes from the presentation at this Padlet interactive wall:


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