Electoral Night (Update by 9:45 pm)

The Democrats’ worst fears are coming alive. Trump’s promise is becoming true: he has galvanized the electorate–especially the white working people and the rural areas. New voters are indeed pouring to the voting polls. Trump is overperforming what Romney did in 2012 across the nation so far.

The night is going to be long but now the mood in public opinion has definitively changed. A handful of votes are going to decide the presidency. Trump can win the presidency–now is a fact, a very real possibility, giving the returns at 9:45 pm in key states: Trump is ahead in Florida with 91% of votes in; in North Carolina, Virginia, and Ohio also ahead with in between 60 and 80% of the vote in. Trump is being extremely competitive in states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire.

In sum, a very competitive Trump, overperforming all polls in swing states. The New York Times predictor has brought down to 54% Hillary’s chances of winning the presidency. The democrats could lose the presidency if Clinton cannot hold to Michigan and Pennsylvania and, especially, Virginia: the Commonwealth state could easily decide whether Trump will be or not the new president.



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